You Will Overcome



Be inspired by Oprah, Rush, and Dr. Ken Blanchard.
In this book, you will read the uplifting stories of how Oprah Winfrey, once a poor black girl, became the TV talk show queen; how top radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh overcame hearing loss, and what One Minute Manager co-author Dr. Ken Blanchard and his wife learned from the tragic loss of their home in a fire. You will also be inspired by the narrative of how Marva Collins, a frustrated public school teacher, created a legacy in education; how Rick Ruby went from $70,000 in debt to becoming a multi-millionaire, along with many more encouraging stories of successful entrepreneurs.

“This book is a wonderful collection of stories – each one more inspiring than the next – designed to give the reader a weekly power boost in facing and overcoming life’s issues. A great, easy and fun read.” – Ben V., Livonia LBN


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