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Smoking. You’ve tried to quit a million times and gone back to the habit a million times plus one. The expense, the smell that follows you everywhere, and especially the danger to your health – You know all the arguments against smoking, and yet it seems to have a permanent grip on you. But it doesn’t have to be that way! I’m Rich Guzzi, master hypnotist, and for more than 30 years I’ve had success in helping smokers like you kick the habit for good and exchange it for the habit of a healthy lifestyle.

It’s all a matter of training your brain, and that’s why I’ve decided to share this Stop Smoking course with you. For the first time, I’ve distilled my powerful in-person method into this high-value, integrated series of recordings, plus goal-setting tools that will give you the advantage you need to quit smoking and STAY quit.

Habits that creep in and take over your daily life may seem impossible to change when you approach them through your unaided consciousness, and that’s where regular and consistent use of this course can make the difference. Simply find a quiet place and listen each day to your daytime version, then drift off to sleep as you listen to the relaxing nighttime version. When you access those areas of your brain where the deeper habit is rooted, you’ll discover the same advantages of hypnosis that my formerly smoking clients have enjoyed over the years.

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Time to stop wasting your health and your money! You’ll never have a better opportunity to beat your smoking habit for good, thanks to the same simple, easy-to-use Stop Smoking method that has helped so many. Even if you’ve tried before, now is your time and your winning strategy. Not only that, bringing this vital information into your home will actually cost you less than smoking! Imagine a brand new chapter in your life where you can stop spending money on cigarettes and have more money to buy the things you want. Starting now, you could be more attractive, enjoy life more, and tell your friends you quit with ease while others have failed. All you have to do is just relax, follow the program, and new power and confidence can be yours.

Thanks to the power of hypnosis, you’re about to experience the least stressful, most successful stop-smoking method you’ve found. Just relax and listen to the recordings – the daytime version at your convenience, and the nighttime version as you drift off to sleep.

Imagine how it will feel to finally stop smoking, extend your life expectancy, and increase your odds of meeting your grandchildren one day. Imagine how you’ll feel when you can tell the tobacco companies they can’t use you anymore. Sweet!

Record your progress in your Bonus Workbook, where valuable tips include fun activities to help you lose the craving and start enjoying life again. And check out your included Goal Setting Guide. With all the confidence you’re going to gain, you’ll be ready for new adventures! D

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There’s no risk! The Stop Smoking course is absolutely FREE, for just $5 shipping and handling. You have nothing to lose but your smelly breath and that constant cough that’s always bothering you and everybody else in the room, wherever you go. If you’re truly tired of being kicked around by your smoking habit, the Stop Smoking course could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to quit and STAY quit.


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Take the course, stop smoking, and start enjoying life today!

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